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Batterer/Abuser Information

We are aware that men are also victims of domestic and sexual abuse but statistics say that 87% of domestic abusers are men. With that in mind this page talks about male abusers.

Why do men batter?

Most men who batter have been exposed to domestic violence and/or sexual abuse as children.  Many have watched their fathers abuse their mothers and have observed their mothers accepting and enduring the abuse. They have learned to express powerful emotions in destructive ways. They are driven by a need for dominance. As adults, these men repeat the patterns of abuse learned in childhood. Most males are reluctant to admit that they need help. Many still hold to -- and practice -- the belief of a male-dominant society.

Abuse is learned behavior!

At Labor of Love we believe that learned behavior can be unlearned and  education is the key to helping the batterer. We offer the only certified Wisconsin Batterer Treatment Association agency in Sheboygan and Marinette County. Our short & long treatment programs explore the reasons behind abusive behaviors and teach clients how to deal with their emotions and behaviors and prevent further issues with violence. The batterer is also taught to accept responsibility for their own actions and to stop the "blame game".

Is it time to break the cycle or are you court ordered to get help? Please fill in the form below and we will get back to you with more information on our programs.

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